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Calendar of Forgiveness
by R.S. Pearson
Telical Books
First Edition
Copyright 2022 R.S. Pearson All Rights Reserved.

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Calendar of Forgiveness
Robert Scott Pearson


secretly as if in heaven now
closed eyes bliss is smiling
as more love is our prayer

they who believe the most win
the law of the biggest harvest
completion verses procrastination
perfectionism has caused

secretly in heaven now
blossoms closer ripen
as more love came from hope

I know when I need more
it will come, gratitude shows me
provided for a thousand times

secretly we are in heaven now
gratitude always smiling
as more love came from our prayer


hallelujah announces horizons
allowing automatic light into eyes
patterns rectangular dulcet
protective walls reinforcing

a lack of creativity kills
but not for grace
counting time in bounty
those tools I allow
tongues liquidity generosity


the unwritten commandment
to glory, and by doing so
to pray for the "unprayable"
to forgive
to be wise as serpents
gentle as peacemakers
to go the extra mile
remembering "if you have two coats give one"

if we ever could
as Jesus asked of us
we are asked to live for glory


we use language games because we value the result
nothing artificial about stimulating word relationships
with designs, science, a thesaurus
we in fact are better to do so
it shows we really care enough
to not sit in silence
in the monotony of the pecking order


repent of the missing the mark
that so easily separates you from glory
don't want what the fallen have here and now
life will give you something you both want
brewing inside emotion of prosperity
regardless of money or clout


shallowing out a place
that goes far up in prayer

what am I saying no to?
no to what a pastor said
about body parts growing back?

some might lose hope
contradicting all as sincere

God is loyal, God isn't an adulterer
many are sincerely wrong
about a broad lawless way is not to destruction

we are of a people in our love
all are created in the image of God
yet it seems on Earth
most have let God down
from day one


it is a deeper love than often known
even by those in spiritual love many years
found walking further past
where simple forgiveness brings one
to desiring what's best for the other

those many years ago we forgave
and must have been thinking:
"were they wrong for treating me that way?"
today to just want what is best for them

looking at a life aim
as the raising of wisdom in the populace
whatever I do wherever I am going
seeking godliness, light in the eyes
pulling back one's soul leading to vitality
settling one's body, to force, symmetry

from humility about our state
comes prayer, comes blessing
it formed a loop
confession, prayer for power and insight
for testimonial psalmodic spirit


knowing you're not a jealous type
seeing the value of that

well made things not as status
a sign of lasting workmanship

loving someone despite
their display of wealth
triggers towards jealousy suspended

full functionality
only can come to people who are not jealous

envy hides behind
judgment of others
some judge
to tarnish others
which is what fruitlessness in religion
always brings

overcoming malicious
judgment hovering between righteousness
and recalling forgiveness
that hides beneath cherished lives


without others in our heart
we can do nothing

without a divine clue
we can do nothing

without self-control
we can do nothing
(of value down here)

Jesus said
without Him we can do nothing

unless free from deception
humanity will do nothing
(that really matters)

without these
we prove
we can do nothing


with the Lord and common sense
prosperity in our state
creates givingness
to others
which creates good
towards us

heart metered by patience
conscience is the amount of heart
what would you mourn for
if you could?
"patience is genius" one has said


mental illness as a failure in the
self-regeneration system
as in trauma
or substance abusers
a false self they cannot get back to
the idea of "losing one's mind"
losing the ability of knowing
who one is in a good sense
a good self-love

abuse causes the lack of the ability
to generate this healthy self understanding
healthy self-feeling
some were treated poorly
and then think they deserve it

God is love
and love can increases the pure nature
of life and self
to be "I am this" and "I am that"
in all good things

find the metaphorical things
that evil seeks to rob, kill and destroy


the fallen world gives some a spirit of fear
there is simply a lack of love
the genesis of insecurity

perfect love casts out fear
love of the perfect casts out fear
the perfect God of love

this insecurity alone
should be the primary thought
we have about the fallen world
combined with
"believe you have received
what you ask for
you've received it"

some don't believe because of fear
no spirit of perfect love
no love of the perfect spirit
so no power nor sound mind

perfect love casts our fear
love no longer attracts
what fear attracts

God not loving the spirit of the world
because Love is the opposite of Fear
oil and water not mixing
love and fear not mixing
love not understood when following the fallen world
God not understood in the world

life and "the world" as a system
being two different things
perfect love casts out fear
like the way Jesus taught us to prayer


their laws are always the same
briefing newspaper headlines digital tomes

outside this chaos always rewarding
nature's bosoming birdsong and sun

just to be in absence
of human greed and recklessness
can any think from a perspective
of day one again?

do you see a better youth movement one day begin?
begin to contend with lawlessness
the fruit of anarchy
Christ said "away from me
you who practice lawlessness"

lawlessness is why we see many die
of overdoses
so many young
abandoned to homelessness

can you think from a perspective
of day one again?

conscience about oneself and life
checked by constant awareness
deeper truths


where is there understanding
between differing lights?
so much sorrow and brokenness today
they say they try, yet
are they led by the blind?
blessed so much
and up so high?

they fell because they never
knew their limitations
nor Who tenderly tried to weed them

they have forgotten
what happened when they prayed

did I forget, did we forget
gifts, treasures of the Spirit
in our mind, heart, and soul?

slowing down, engaging again for a purpose
getting the feeling centered
stopping all movement ...hands and feet are still

life and heaven will not accept wandering away
doubting what is already well known
instead giving gifts for attendance
arts and health for faithfulness

godly possession towards the arts
mind can be more visual
trying to get the order right
a concerned parent to all good


a new age
where spirituality is not religious
and religion is held suspect
when before when religion reigned
one was not to call oneself spiritual
it was a sign of the highest pride

help us feel good about others
this teach us through your Word
all people are our children in some way

so as I see the joy grow
I know I am in the right path
it's not the jumbling of the inappropriate
it's not in examining the stain of the past
it's in allowing the present over the past

the calendar of forgiveness for every day


glory to a resurrection
that allows a soul to see
the weaker among us by walking their mile
crippled though we might be

delighting in, sharing a state that is honor
reasoning with their presence in a manner
others have thought as comic
we see as delightful
joy sustained in humility

chasing silliness out
then strength comes in
stopping floods of thoughts
choice few focused dear

glory to a resurrection
that allows a soul to see
the weak by walking their mile
crippled though we might be


we need Your wisdom about our lives
to be what You and others want us to be

the weeds which choke out the Word
in some are as people who go
from party to party
yet God created and wants us to be
a part of His celebration


feel the hands relaxing
like a flower blossoming
release coming out from the palms

feel the feet relaxing
it's like a sunrise unfolding
looseness coming out from the soles

feel the face relaxing
like it is a door opening
beauty coming out from the face


invigorating power lively working heat

holy promises replacing corrupt guidelines

incensive usefulness accessing spiritual joy

after faith comes hope, hope is joyful

hope makes sure we have enough to pray for

spiritual promises found all light shown

only for those who believe


love of love
have mercy on me, a lover

today is a new day
do not allow it to be otherwise

sometimes compress time all my moments
with God together
they exist side by side
all in all my days in a row
and have that repeated

Oh, to be poor in spirit


love and stillness attract the most
men gather grapes of lushness


look for Christmas in any other season
see what lights you see
lights you can pray for
that rise you out of the mire

heal us in grace
so we may be strong
without fearing so much as sinful

without fearing so many as sinful

like so many do so easily
at Christmas


our saving grace is that God
requires our effort to reach
His attention
towards His full presence and reward

yet unfailing love
surveying the creation
fruits of humanity's gifts
not censoring them
because of our judgements
of who is saved and not


meditations on God's anger at sin
human life against decrepitude
God's life can be often in human life
with the same force against evil
with all hope for all's salvation

one can meditate on and see life's anger at sin

or meditation on God healing diseases
and awaken God's healing fervor at disease

which understanding is all based
on our energy of faith, hope and love
prolonged which we allow to be fueled by Him


war profiteering
needing new machines and ammunition
as the old was used up

our war is to resist evil with good

resist not evil with evil
resist evil with good
thus avoiding attachment with evil

make us strong
so we can overcome evil with good
do not make us weak
doubt disproves Your power

some have not because they ask not
but I am on an advance


The sluggard is wiser in his own conceit
than seven men that can render a reason
so says Proverbs 26:16

the greatest pleasure in life
comes from overcoming our folly

each prayer can be like manna that accumulates
but manna could not accumulate from day to day
prayer each day is needed to brings us up
prayer without ceasing the bounty
brings in all manner of spiritual prosperity

distance between extremes seems too costly
yet be the gap crossed by persistence


saw this sign on side of the road
"you have to be little to belittle"

avarice makes you weaker
not sharing in the greater life

insecure in the normal self
more alone than average

homeless people have their shopping cart and bags
emotionally tied to each thing
for flowery, profound reasons
tied to each thing
for inhibiting seasons

just like some with houses?


pink cloud now and coming up ahead

no more passive victim
confess, we are responsible
no one else to blame
this makes now the pink cloud
and coming up ahead

wiped the slate, renewed
filled energy like lightening

we the righteousness of a clean slate
old patterns not here
it cannot be the same as before

pink cloud now and coming up ahead


identify with light
the Light of the World to Come

monitoring our light
a mind cleared of errors
would bring one to wisdom
to a prosperous acceptance

some darkened with lust or greed
us bright with courage, laughter and love

monitoring our light
balance of compassion and prosperity

a mind cleared of errors
would bring one to wisdom

maybe there is more not of this Earth?
this world some have called another world's hell?

the love of money that shows itself
in laziness and blame-shifting
filled with the ordered many
detach from lust or greed

identify with light
the Light of the World to Come


dress them up in their Sunday finest
when praying for them
when you know they elicit
a longer prayer
showing God you're in His love
not just His grace

Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
Ezekiel 16:49


it is regal that we need
modulating humility which keeps in organization
remember the sense of love
as grace over nature
as in time spent fasting

its regal we need
let us be the family type
chase the light

remember the sense of love as
modulating humility
which keeps us in organization


these daughters of Europe
unite with believers in this revival spring
to a more fertile yearning upward
African, Chinese, India, Europe
are there more pure souls
who can pray for these
so bright in our heart's history
around digital strands
of the global Body of Christ

to the Spirit!
only strength of this world!


heaven is like the beauty of woman to man
like the beauty of man to woman
the God who created that divine art
always restoring beauty in our heavenly heart

not that which spoils
because it doesn't allow the opposite
to not respect what the other has
just one bad thing it does
it's just a person that is
all the beauty, all the direction
that seems glorious to us
when we are free


in humane perspective
God is first obligated to love us
because of creating us
but if we don't love Him back
we do not love the best of ourselves
we don't have a good pride
not curating the best in our collection
ownership of good
within our heart

some instead love human corruption
hedonism, brutality of everyday life
the exact opposite of what normal creation loves
some believe the divine is not always obligated
to support such a person
as what burden would they put on
the rest of creation?

a human being is like a river
there are all these streams
sources that come into it
it must blend them well


overwhelming inclination to assemble, collage
on top of painted backgrounds

green sky like brush strokes outward
glued on cutout cardstock painting
Bible verses with Sotheby's and rare books
all on one work whenever possible

In your patience you shall win your souls
Luke 21:19


the virtues, mental health, social harmony
rest on "everyone is a valuable person
so I am a valuable person"
humility is being able to see the
beauty and glory of God and others


in force I start my day
make me a divine fighter
makes often a clearer way

forgetting the things that are past
accepting the new
allowing the old to become dust
the past often is a tool of death
for those who are sought to rock the boat for love

the past reshaped, destruction's tools
for those who rock the boat for God
accepting the new in righteousness

seal up the leaky parts
that cannot retain faithfulness
keep eyes blessing others
and off of them in judgment

except seeing when people fail
an opportunity for prayer


hope IQ, a type of combination
of intellectual, emotional and spiritual
understanding state in spirituality
wise to pray for this in ourselves

faith is a communication with God that says
"will you do this?"
which may have to be repeated
will produce a result

Oh, why isn't life doing this?
God will you do this?

repeat cycle politely
God may say its not best for this to happen,
yet it says all things are possible


if you want to know God's true nature
look at all the beautiful fruit and nut trees
aloe Vera and Jesus Christ
that's God's Spirit
His attitude towards us


just need our meaning
to be the energy of love
like we would if
needing healing so badly

a hundred moments of this praying
brings together that which eternally changes one

a beautiful set of memories
(that had no false sense of the Law)
are hard to beat down with dry, fruitless
a 40 year in the desert outlook
for rewards and outcomes
and paychecks and profits

I know when I need more
from the Lord, it will come
because my gratitude shows me
He has already provided
a thousand times


wounds of Christ unite His body
before gently in peace
ask again for divine health
purge flesh of strain
all minute dislocation
gratefully announce
changes again and again
in victory and praise

A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.
Proverbs 24:5


we believe God wants love
not fully accepting the love of the creation
for the creation
as love for Himself
and this seems to be one of the universal questions
portrayed in Christ's commandment
to love the least as if Him
for the law was given through Moses
but grace and truth came through Christ Jesus

love one another fervently with a pure heart


I no longer see people
I see only love

the healing favor of the blood of Jesus
transfusion into us freely by grace
washing away all the memory
of the sin of the planet

people are not there to be judged
but to be loved

Christ in me the hope of glory
the full armor of God


God has none of the parts of His creation
so His power is not limited
by the measures of created beings
but instead perfectly given out
to allow our autonomy and eventually justice

it's available to see the way the Lord
loves each person in a crowded cafe
to look on their faces and see
warmth shining upon them
we see, feel, and prolong this company
love and send out prayers for anyone
not only for them but for ourselves
to not get caught in eddies without such currents

a warm invigorating power for living
for working the promises of God
replacing the mistakes of fear with this
incensive and useful universe building

a way to access spiritual joy
is thus after faith comes hope
and hope is joyful
therefore we must make sure we have faith
enough to pray for all
the spiritual promises found in the Word

another aspect of the commandment
do not judge
is judging takes time away from prayer
if we pray without ceasing
then judging eliminates this welcoming
staying in pity instead of possibility

God has none of the parts of His creation
so His love is not limited
by the measures of contraction
but instead perfectly measured out
to allow our form and our selves


discipline cries out to be filed
like an endless well of compassion
cries out to help the bereft
discipline in a saint cries out to be used

God's truths are found by God's methods
which bear God's fruits

saints mean two different things in the English language
two things which perhaps fight each other
an exclusionist believing one is saved
because one believes the right things
and people who achieve the miraculous by God's power
and their being poor in Spirit
always seeking for God's power over life


rocking the boat that one is on
which may be going nowhere
why are we not what we already are?

some people cannot understand
the value of what we've done
why look to them?

peace activists act like warriors for peace
jailed again and again for civil disobedience

some don't understand classical music
proud of being in their own destructive ways
pure and simple

the point in life
where you do not see
the omnipresent divine fight
you may die, stagnate, from ignorance

rocking the boat that one is on
which may be going nowhere


when the model holds no emotional virtue
for it to be the goal followed
it must become not the treasure
but alongside a functional version
which holds emotional virtue

for example
not being denied benefitting
from a person's beauty
while at the same time not being in lust
in higher culture an acceptance
of human beauty as good
the media now runs past into lust

the only thing to overcome lechery
is the heart, love, holiness
higher cultures society has left must be re-entered

lechery is something that people avoid
when they see they are no longer peers with the young
attributing other things to base desires
is how it becomes prolonged towards its worse forms
ruiner of careers
if you're going to do the crime
you're going to do the time

a crazy sense of lust
misguided concern for the essentially depressed
all the tricks the fallen fall for


eroded the sense of self
drained it down via
dysfunctional human life
for no purpose or reward

there has to be
a higher purpose for life
that rushes one to be good
not perish in the service of the ungrateful

not to let these forces
against the environment
that failed to use truth to unite families
that made a political pact
out of a war against the poor
and even middle class
that let the nations sink further into atheism
because truth was represented as repugnant

many wanted nothing anymore to do with Jesus

I am not going to let these forces
ruin anything in my life

(the story about the demons
and the good doesn't seem to always work)

find the deep secret of positive emotions


the young often feels expanded capability
from lack of experience
doing an errand
blindly in hope not shopping near
and hence the milk spoils
on a long trip home

but this also works out sometimes too

many miles away in traffic
...all the young feels is hope


to be filled four times full
glisten out truths of the kingdom
an intellectual task
to keep the devil out
of our well of forgiveness

we rightfully keep full

casting down the shepherds
that have not fed
in this oblivious time
anoint a new flock
guided by the Holy Spirit



this world's king is weaker than my King
every little trick or attempt his loyal ones make
is destroyed in time by a marvelous light

devil, you are not in me
He that is in me is greater, wiser, more glorious
more ruthless for my own good, then
anything is for my destruction
be gone away from me in Jesus name!
the power of God is protecting me
the blood of righteous life

walking on water
walking on the words against the Lord
just riding the energy this world cannot claim
as it is cast down in power


we do not have to fathom a guess
what happens to some after death
we have the same attitude as God
and that is good enough
help us live in the gladness
that our sins are forgiven


life, not being something they embrace
passes away

sunlight observation in one's backyard
during rainy seasons
a land of frequent clouds

seeking a feeling of deep space around me
working it into the body by poetry

upped the level of seriousness many times

life, as something we embrace
brings more of itself


this is my other spring
the beginning of holidays
as months move into October
prepare for new light

vibrant celebrations ahead
cast down
the reason for useless suffering!

"My Yoke is easy and My Burden is light"!

we are on the Yule log
burning with God's Holy Fire of Healing,
being cleansed of separating pride

"yes, I have loved you with an
everlasting love therefore with lovingkindness
I have delivered you"
Jeremiah 31: 3


looking up in prayer tenderly
for life to be better
ask to see the fruitfulness
of the Holy Spirit
bearing fruit as God's love

feel no shock in my corrections
taken as no rebuke but revelation

build a church with ugly cars in the lot
gain the witness in self and in heaven

getting endorsements from the universe at large
instead of gaining the respect of that other lot

the godly are the true chiefs of creation


"that's why it's yours"
said to a sense
pondering the answer
to why self-organizing is necessary
that's why the reward
is indeed yours
and that you do have a self
as opposed to views or conditions
otherwise stating


first love theology
do the first works you did
pray for God's love for others
it would manifest also in other forms
for some, in their music
for others, a birthday party

I must have God turn around scenarios I invent
like wanting to help a composer capture the gold
he had in his early music

everything in the universe is about free will
that is why the evil strong can do what they do
but God is the creator
and we through Christ overcome the world
we can reign in our own hearts and lives
through love, joy, peace and faith


took me five hours
to get back to a place of watchfulness

rough seas at times
an allegory for the fact
that God is above us
and we must be willing to reach up

"I will take up the heart of stone out of you
and give you a heart of flesh." Exodus 36:26

all the old compunctions
neurosis, idealizations
are the heart of stone

reach up

a heart of stone
wants to find out who is to blame
only a broken and contrite heart
can see others as the same
can be aimed to grow

to be healed
stay in His glory
tell of your love and develop your trust
pray for righteous actions

ask to make more generous in everything

thy kingdom of Eden
come back on Earth
as it is in heaven
"give us"
-- not let us only grow proud in what we do
but let us give thanks to you --
for our daily bread

Jesus is the bread of heaven


for all those bounties to come upon me
that are in competition with gilt commodities
artistic visionary fools (as Solomon says)
must be humble to let the Word be our words
then we shall be as productive as drenching rain

formally downgrade a cult
the cult of my peers as artists, downgrade
putting something holy in its place


with You, God
nothing in my mind of error will limit me

If I were wise
I would never in a million years
blame anyone but me
for my actions past or present

the wise never
allow anyone to limit their potential
by such blame


awe inspiring new music will exist
so our judgmental filter being on is good
retaining radicalness of agape love
embracing fun
fascination with the culture at large
enough to work to improve it

to write poetry at the moment
requires looking at a clock
part of me feels tired
but I'm a positive thinker
completely achieve all
we could not allow ourselves to say
do not put away all confidence
it's a good warm mellow aged richness

confidences surround me now
and forevermore in Christ
whom many could not bear or follow
because they would never cry
deceived by that which promised them security
but was devilish

and thought to use it as a weapon
against others
their weapon was the deception
they themselves were murdered by

a weak weapon against those lead by the Lord
completely useless


I do not have the option
to stray away
from what will bring me
to my action

my decision is my contrite heart
taking of a humble spirit
to pray for all our health
to pray for sanity in the land


the ability to do one thing at a time
should be named to a greater degree
not just "focus" or "one-pointedness"

looking for the whole arsenal of tools
against personality disorders and the like

simplest method of stillness evoking:
"I do not identify with ____"
with whatever comes to mind
a variation of free association of psychoanalysis
gets one past limitations in one's life

stillness gives energy then joy


looking out into the water
sailboats about a quarter mile away
distance between them and the other shore
seems to be equal water
from me to them

these two areas of water are a symbol
to never be drowned in other's high estimation of themselves

to have a God esteem of what we bring them
which is from God
and all our behavior with them
is informed of this esteem


did you plan on loving a perfect civilization
was all your religion done for that?
and finding none, you turned around
unable to be powered
to launch out into the future?

to make your future
to be present

renewing one's mind is changing paradigms
anti-conspiracy theory, no blame shifting
no looking for blame but building up all
by prayer and constructive interaction

projective identification, looking for others to be "perfect"
as if you were yourself perfect
looking for someone similar like you
looking for someone to have all the answers
so you will be given something free
which always takes work to earn
effort and wisdom on a daily basis

Endure loneliness
Endure fasting
Endure prayer

we have to steal peace back
from the spiritual struggle


just turn judgements
even ones that are partially righteous
into prayers

is it scaring or it is love
placed in another place
one I did not feel close to you
even though I was with you often

just turn judgements
even ones that are partially righteous
into prayers


For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light.
Psalm 36:9

there is the problem that these
who have scoffed at higher culture
will still scoff at it no matter
what you do

when we can't blame them
that means there is no longer a problem
we can handle solving the issue

problems that can be solved
are not problems but issues
if you stop blaming people
then you have stopped seeing things as problematic

there are warriors on our side
to commit even more

to be warriors
to save the lost


God's comforting presence
wisdom and power
be one who says "Thank You" enough

constantly thrown against the mystery?
we have prayers for wisdom answered

accepting enigmas
in the spirit of peace and love


I have written poetry that uses aesthetics as a guiding force, and then I have
also written poetry in the style of this book, which seeks to create a prayerful
meditative state without the sheen of poetic beauty. I feel the two qualities can
detract from each other at times. After all "art for art's sake" is not "art for spirituality's sake"
or it would be called something different.


Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved
Robert Scott Pearson

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