Beautific, Non-identified and Entranced -- Surrealism Meets Spirituality in Poetry
R.S. Pearson's Prose and Poetry

R.S. Pearson is a positive poet influenced by the modern poetic writers who use the prose poetry style and studies of spirituality. He is the creator of the popular ParaMind Brainstorming Program and the Virtuism art theories.

R.S. Pearson's main concern is to bring the reader to a state of heightened beauty, where the stress of the world is forgotten and they may recharge in themselves the best that they are. The poetry has a streak of positive life-embracing mysticism running through it. R.S. Pearson's poetry is where Surrealism meets spirituality.

From Poet Billy Lamont

"Cast the Jewels into the Sea of Your Soul is a brilliant prose masterpiece. This is how Arthur Rimbaud would have sounded if he had spent a season in Heaven instead of "a season in hell." It's like language has been raptured and been reborn through Robert Pearson's pen. Extemely skillful word craftmanship. He is a true genius!"

Notes from R.S. Pearson:

"Cast the Jewels into the Sea of Your Soul" is a new anti-novel, in a similar style to my 1985 anti-novel "Motivated for the Cause" which is being re-released. It is in a style of modern poetic prose similar to Rimbaud, Joyce, Breton and others. I am fascinated by Thoreau's desire to create a mysterious book that is past figuring out. I like the idea of open and expansive paragraphs. This style of writing is very striking and new. We like it when we see it in the novels we read, but it is only one or two lines. My idea is to create a whole book like this. "Cast the Jewels into the Sea of Your Soul" is complete in itself like this.

I purposefully try to decontruct language and put it back together.

I try to embody ideas in the art philosophy called Virtuism, that I have been writing and self-publishing since 1984. I look at there being two lines of thinking for most serious artists today, an Old Testament (Rimbaud) and a New Testament, if you will. The Old Testament was the idea of the artist as hedonist, the artist who destroyed his life to protest non-creativity and the often cruel nature of the world. I believe there is now here and is coming more strongly a New Testament of the avant-garde, which will have more wisdom in it and will help the true artist to convey their vision and wisdom and not become trapped in self-destructive lifestyles.

From the publisher's website: "Robert Pearson, author of the Virtuism philosophy, offers here a new poetic prose anti-novel. Authors familar with James Joyce, Arthur Rimbaud and the French Surrealist school will be familar with its verse-compacted-into-paragraphs style. Pearson's poetry for many years has sought to emphasize the spiritual and other-worldly, trying to give the reader a high without drugs. In spirit, he is very close to the Romantic poets, although his one of his favorite poets is Tristan Tzara, the author of the Dada manifestoes. Just give the poetry a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised. "

Rotating Poetry Collections

This poetry is also for sale on Amazon.

  • Calendar of Forgiveness(2022)
  • The Sun of Righteousness (2013) -- This one goes to Telical Books website.
  • Until We Are The Art Again (2011) by R.S. Pearson
  • We are Not Lost in Space(2001)
  • Life's Scattered Gems(1994-2003)
  • Petals of the Infinite Help(1994)
  • The Unending Placement of All Within (1999)
  • Exorcists Anonymous(1991)

    Pearson also wrote the 185 page anti-novel Motivated for the Cause in 1985. It has gone through one edit in 2007 which can be found here .

    Some feedback:

    "A M A Z I N G ..... inspired material, Robert. this is the message i keep hearing in the winds around the world." James Lowe, Vocalist for the Electric Prunes, who are known for the hit, "Too Much to Dream Last Night," as well as 1968's "Mass in F Minor" and "Release of an Oath," which can be said to the first major Christian/Jewish rock recordings.

    "Thank you for sharing these powerful poems with us, Bob! If you are the author you have a real talent and you must make God smile...." Sister Diane, Sisters of St. Clare Convent

    "I am a high school student in Missouri. I am involved in our school's speech and debate team. This year I used a combination of the first and second versions of "petals of the infinite help." I had much success with this piece bringing home a 2nd and a 3rd place ribbon at 2 of the 3 conference meets that I attended. ... "petals of the infinite help" was a very deep and toaching piece that my friend and I found to be very thought provoking and a great piece to dig into. I would like to thank you for your work and I hope that it is all right with you if I use you work to touch people's hearts."

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