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Virtuism is about is the aesthetics of human virtue, how virtuous acts produce in us the same experience as great works of art. Witnessing or creating a virtuous act produces the aesthetic experience. The giving of the good feeling of the aesthetic or "art" experience gives evidence that life has a higher meaning and a divine purpose. The book "Virtuism -- Philosophy and the Aesthetics of Virtue" discusses this and other philosophical implications of this relationship.

This book explores how the unverse acts in a way that is essentially "virtuous" towards us, in the long run, if we make an effort to act virtuous in it. The author started calling this philosophy Emotive Virtuism a few years ago because the idea of the emotional impact of human virtue played into philosophical questions very strongly. The author wanted to distance himself from the appearance of creating a simplistic philosophy because of the post-modernist critiques of narratives.

Virtuism started out as aesthetic theory and then moved into reflections about other areas of philosophy. The author did not purposefully intend to create an "ism" because he has a somewhat post-modernist idea about being wary of new narratives. The author states: "Since people are starting to use the word "virtuism" (found out by my doing a search on Google) with no connection to my writings (much like the alteration of the word "Surrealism" having nothing to do with Andre Breton, the founder of Surrealism, writings), I figured I had better formalize it the way I originally intended, because I have a certain idea about the philosophy of Virtuism."

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"Like Tristan Tzara's Dada Manifestos and Andre Breton's Surrealist Manifestos, philosopher/artist Robert Pearson delivers a unique defining work for his Virtuism philosophy. Virtue is giving to others without expecting anything in return, acting from character, from who you are, not how you feel. I am a virtuist and am proud to consider myself a part of Pearson's Virtuism art movement. This book is a work of virtue and deserves a place of honor next to Tzara and Breton on my bookcase and yours too!" Billy Lamont -- You can purchase the book via this link on

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Virtuism -- Philosophy and the Aesthetics of Virtue

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Pearson, Robert Scott.
Virtuism : philosophy and the aesthetics of virtue / Pearson, R. S.
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Seattle, WA : Telical Books, 2005.

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