Creative Virtue

Robert Pearson Poetry and Prose

We Are Not Lost in Space -- Prose Poems and Fragments
by R.S. Pearson (2001)

Note: One probably can't understand a lot of my poetry without understanding about the lineage of who I consider the greatest modern poets: Andre Breton, Tristan Tzara, Rimbaud, and e.e. cummings. I purposefully try to decontruct language and put it back together. For some people, this may be too weird: I'm sorry!

I also try to sometimes invent little science fiction scenarios in my poetry. These aren't experiences that I've had that I write about, only my imaginations, my fictions.

Dedicated to my friends I grew up with in West Islip, New York.


we are not lost in space, although it would make more
sense to feel we are.  
The late afternoon air --
hyperventilation of early evening
stars outside us
the map of a neighborhood.  

we don't see the scale of what we occupy in distance. 
what we occupy in the currency of the heart is 
measureless.  timeless.  spaceless. 

sacred eternity our sacred home
original space modifiable conscious
my tear for the star


a softer city has taken me in
rain tear hoping political concerns
a softer population, less teenage trend
I, the main source of my realness,
strive to be awake, alive, concerned

stay still in your mind.   
stay still in your arms and relax....your feet
stay still in your feelings for a while

inner multiplication on a solution table 
feminine star grace redemptive attention
I see the merge of one symbol from the old to the new
let me tell you of the mathematics of one symbol from the old
to the new
that of the God who suffers, of Florence Nightingale's
supplications, of the good Samitaran's applications.
I see this by creative dreaming
creation in conditioning, visualizing hoping 
drugless luxuriations towards higher emotion
against the vague terrorization that becomes attached

random sets of orbital fructose
nets cubic mall gifts in
oxygenated vegetation machines of life
of where you are in air 
in space
on earth, sunny place 
feels like blue wind in your hair
and then later, nocturnal kisses, 
infinity breasts, in twilight stare


across the old city sky

horizon's show the skyscrapers
of the 42nd century
superimposed upon
this day of an earlier time

frozen sunlight gas
whole net free storm dirty forest
grass trees bramble bus
the skyline sets the day to
setting tones of the sun

turning the air to a dull baby blue

clouds broken apart as if by providence
by a grace ordered structured and made light


higher things to do 
more meaningful and true 
belief in the sets showing their way to display
the pattern, and then the foundation
is true, various and life begin to display, 
more themes
and subjects emit


sun light pounding down shares possibilities

I see all that is in me is of the sun.  
Days with shining faces hard for the helpless 
so that their hardships be finally undone. 

This act was what the sun gets from earth, a bit of it
refracted -- the eternal light of heaven, made in our
flaming hearts.  


Rewarded in the lap of the luxury of the air. 
We are the pool reflecting others beauty and wonder.   
We still the waters in awe, our beauty and wonder

Warm night, romance breeze, not yet twilight, 
papers moving lightly in the air.  
Breath deep, feel the universe's warm love, 
join the emotional aristocracy


A musical harmony beating, 
keeping smiling, soaked blue mirth
Light yellows, blue gold white alive above and around
Watching carefully morbid or droning waves around me
The possibilities of this life astound me. 


I, a living being, autonomous to the boundaries of this creation
Encountering in my scope, all time and space
Instead of all distance and movement
I see it like a small solid in front of me. 


Life is a battle between impressions of life 
taking root in ourselves.  
Our bodies and the matter of events in our lifetime follow suit
The readings of the level of light in our mind and soul
is the book we read
The control of our movement in space 
is a streering wheel
to guide one there 

guided to the earth stars

socializing, my hand -- my relaxation gauge --
turns me up, turns me down. 
The culture's poster child
without a cigarette, 
one who lives wise and merry to their
ripe old age

I sink in beautiful gratitude today -- 
colors alive and staying.  
There is thoughtfulness, thankfulness, and 
even a blessing on my parents.  


Remember yourself, carver in life best visions 
against a mass of hazy psychological curses 
which can be the ambiance often of this world. 
where are the protective angels about which they once heard
to steer their thoughts in godly life?


vision outside the function of time on matter: 
butterfly hatching solidification of all human events --
like pods hatching souls into eternal life


young lady lighthouse
burn yellow fire guidance
ascender sidewalk
I see you where ever I go
Here in this city in a day
I see two or three of you.


It's an oscillating stream, the near and the far.  
Phase to self-reflection
the I divided attention throughout the day
beaming love to and from one's heart
divided attention and even to pray


I opened up for what good I saw
what the tops of the stars had to say
what could a man hear?
If he really tried?

could he hear evolutionary altitudes?

the special events promised in spiritual books
the majesty inherent in all life experience
is it in your doctrine?

you know about love and joy 
-- that what you don't use about them
you lose all there is about them


poetic mind flights arrivals
symbols like airports of mighty time space shifts
symbols like awareness of clouds from deep space
scents of other worlds
flavors of paradise
blowing in like fresh winds 
into parts of oneself
that seem like hollow senses

something saved for many to have
to try to pull it back from forlorn strangeness
and understanding why such things become someone's madness

fierce fighting for one's beauty after witnessing
the seeming conspiracy against it
the conspiracy against one's youthful beauty, curiosity, grace and hope.

dreaming how this conspiracy against one's beauty was defeated
in a practical life
a life looking back at 59 or 80 
not hopes at 17 or 28

saved from what becomes in some a very destructive world pattern
without loving our past, all our past days
there would be no glorious present
no great happiness experienced in the now 
from ourselves that we lived

expecting from the public a crucifixion of grace 
it will be forever now this elegetic reality
I forgive the entire thing
I allow the entire thing to be beautiful
fully alive, fully capable
a pocketful of rewards from past choices and decisions

what can I say now about the future
except that a grin comes to me
like in a little boy's eye
who knows he can have the things he's missed 
as an obvious result from new choices

I have no set financial value
I have no understanding of what others feel toward me
I recognize no past
I recognize no future

any given day has all the miracles in it that any other day has
The trick is avoid the whole world of oneself 
to live out the magic that creates the miraculous:
merely positive emotions can always, any day, 
come in when we link with the retractable force of love


is our collective bad feature
the not looking back with happiness?
no gratitude for today
the strength to write it out again
better, deeper -- today.

what stays in my brain, as opposed to what I need?
what lingers in my air, brought by the inner suns
hard rays? 

how can a liberation be that great?  
to unify my mind above the whole town's trend? 

how can an older man outphase all he's been through, 
when he's been around the progressive since a teen? 

words can be repeated in echoes from poems of old, condensed
to save that thing is to repeat the message, the vibratory. 

what exercises stayed in my mind
to be repeated wherever I am? 
Am I tossed and turned without hope, without anchor?
without a life preserver?  
Watching my breath, then seeing the light
dreaming of seeing my soul again
To see it again and again
the soul that is the very engine of perception
that thing I own, the thing that owns me, 
the engine 
the thing that we operate from explicitly. 

a daze attracted to face when shifted up 
from awareness of consciousness
affluent luxuriation in music's atmosphere
getting back to the roots of life's finest things
inner smiles in us forming the saturation of kisses
like the sunshine's heat expand make me bold
not to become small like the ice when cold

        Imagine the brain of someone who loved everything about
your hometown:  fond weather, glowing evenings where,
before, staying in sweet restaurants, the smells and trails
of twilight following them home.

        The jobs are good here, there are a million smart people
here.  They seem fascinating and they acknowledge you are
one of them.  A unity not perhaps like the old unity this
town once had, that was a bit colloquial and limited, but a
new unity not based on birth but on choice, on some kind of
technocracy or meritocracy, yes, but hopefully stronger...
as at times I can still see nature in this city shine it's
breath on one, and I know this fresh feeling that is so
unique -- it's as if the land is gently smoking.


you mentate siloqueys and sonnets
about threats and dominance
but inside have you ever seen
not to make accounts
about how you think you're seen?

tallies empty, not added up
from imaginations holdings
removed from a lifetime 
the accountings of imperfect place?

imagine using your mind to build
without that process of making accounts
about what others are perhaps thinking of you?

be free to live life in the stream
of a good escape from
your siloqueys and sonnets
about threats and dominance

walk into my imagination
my positive landscape of you
the resonance of the waveform
of your terrain
is increased by the time 
graced dwelling on you

waking from living in the dream
the day to day encampment we have in the dream
which is the true house of us here on earth
the dream on top of the realities 
which are the true foundations of life


poetry is a force to sear life open 
when living has no life
like no city to a suburb
no higher products of the mind
only monster trucks all around

and I won't die yet
fortuitous, my word of words
comes to me in time 
friends from ages past
a world opened through love
through friendship, via similarities, nothing else
and I don't accept my childish nature
what do I break after all these years?
what kind of construction in gold appears?

these recoveries are beautiful
the harmony between all is now here
because, we hate being judged
so we hate juding others
we hate being sized up 
so we hate that which does it in us

imaginative constraints
come against helping a soul 
who is handicapped
fear of contamination, exploited
and excuses richochet in the brain
how they must feel

so disfigured, so disabled
playing a game, maybe
fighting a war against our 
imaginative constraints
against ever touching
seeing, being with helping along


help my mind be something greater
take my emotions out of dullness
help me give up sufferings that don't bring goodness
help me to know that prayer will bring me there

help me to know
prayer will bring me the future
wherever we want to go together, Lord
wherever you know we should go

willing to walk out of darkness
that is, not knowing prayer will bring me to the light
so now before I continue
let the reader pause for a moment to pray

I will leave behind from the place I'm leaving
people or things we realize won't come
help me know prayer might bring them here


if we could make a race of men
who when standing up for their rights
would feel extreme guilt and remorse
feeling they were mistreating those around them
such a race could always be kept 
as subservient pitiful slaves


I feel emotion's chilly sun burst so high
but this time it is guided by the intellect of the intellect
disengaging from the stigma's branded by the commerce mass
the mass that outputs children killing children better and younger

I feel emotion's chilly sunburst so high
but this time guided by the intellect of the intellect
disengaging from the processing of status by monetary payments

I feel emotion's chilly sunburst so high
but this time guided by the intellect of the intellect
engaging in the tasting of freedom
thanks to focusing through the ruler of ancient guidances


Something probably very different, something very strong
realized.... and what could it be? 
The sunshine seems to take me there

Planets probably more powerful than the earth. 
Mutual reality probably more united than the earth's. 
is there ever a safe way to study these implications?
to find the outside?

Time sense fades down in darkening blue sky
Beautiful ducks fly right in from this horizon. 

the conscious energy of enlightened happiness.  
the love of life is plodding back
refreshed memories, 
thoughts nourishing a higher state
putting me in literary dimensions. 
the times at the city library, 
always taking home the French poets
hanging out with the town's most attractive women at my side
this love of life in insidiously opened days. 

I've started to get the joke that made 
my inner child chuckle
merely that the unseen has-been-world vortex 
had tried to take away this laughter

everyone in your life is your church.  
as I see the present, the gift
all of us on the alone earth 
life comprehension at this level
makes me breath deeply the glory of our unity, in the present
the gift of all of us on earth
we are all each other's present

everyone in your life is your church.  
moving out to something like a massage
give love to those who rejected you
if it was rejection they made
reconciling the flesh threats made 
since we wrestle not against flesh and blood
a war with abstract haze of forces
maybe today best seen as a mindless media

mended world as in the adaptation
rid of the wash of earth negativity
often concurrent ubiquitously
not just to me
for when this negative wash
does not hinder one
they are maybe causing it to others
flowing in it, being an average type
only mended by prayer and meditation
unless they like being 
identified, lost and negative

all the seeds sown to wildness
and, growing the mystical and metaphysical
which got us into landscapes alone yet bright
such moods will bring their enchantments
in days to come

we will have no regrets upon the spiritual earth
inner power and faith in God's marvellousness
something far above everything in a person 
yet still grounded in love

light no longer contained breaks color bands
once rectangular throughout the night of compression. 


individuation first by sealing leaks
just awareness of oneself and seeing what that does
this is always the key
believing in doing it is the bridge
the thing that wears off the effect of negative impressions
the inner warmth self-remembering brings
is the gauge I concentrate on

that the body can consciously align
by the force of the mind, I've seen
very well, the effect of a massage or even
a tranquilizer can be given by simply telling each individual
part of the body to relax
in simple commands, that elongate the muscles

and that a similar thing happens when 
I repeat the word love
and plummet the depths of my forgiveness
of others, visualizing the good harmony of
the future, the very soon future
the body loosens tightness all over
when better scenarios are kept in heart
and maybe ask God to make better what we hurt

And I see the emotional bridges
to imagine we have a mind or place
where all our emotion takes place
and that emotions spin faster than our
thoughts, and if we can catch on 
to the spinning we can make it into positive emotions
I've seen this often comes easy especially around good music

but back to the act
of self-awareness -- the holding in
the memory of oneself, the awareness
of oneself at present
seeing this shift into an instant
stopping of thoughts and movements
usually good things happen
after trying very hard to do this
over a period of ten or twenty minutes

breaking away into inner freedoms
affirming our inner privacy
grabbing the reign of one's actions
and not letting them proceed mechanically
and again focusing on the alignment
of the body, so that all muscles
are relaxed that can be relaxed

and to think more about the 
sun, the light in the sky
the distance of space between 
the planets, the stars, the sun and you
how you are suspended in infinite 
distance of forms
and like notes of delight on a piano keyboard
raising in beauty and purity
you being to ascend in emotion
as an eternal part of your begins 
to manifest.  That which is created
complete, perhaps it's the engine of soul
that exists in a self-descent into your mind
a presence of how you really are
in your soul
and your witness it can talk by
a type of inner speech
which is just another dimension of your own thought
and you'll know that this Real You
can pull you out of difficult situations
if you just remember to create a bridge
by observing those things I've written
as the presence of being must be
aligned by releasing the tensions of life

and you will find sooner or latter there is
another shift up by your soul-remembering
like a slight knock 
in which more of your soul is made plain and
present to your attention

this state of awareness of stillness 
seems to burns off sin
everything that I tried to do by being religious 
becomes more manifest here


        I woke up from this dream.  I was downtown, walking
around, next to me were these guys walking with a
trampoline to help save someone who was going to jump.  I
think they acted a bit proud to me -- like they were the
privileged fathers and young upstarts of the town.  Then I
looked up in the sky and I saw a man falling. 

He was coming down about 30 feet from where they were
walking.  I think I shouted for them to walk.  They
weren't even looking up for anyone.  A loud sound, more
like a pop than a splat, then there were two more coming
down, again these two strange loud sounds.  The guys with
the trampoline were totally useless. 


Stone Building

         He lives in the stone building that has many stained
glass windows.  He is,  the best possible famous person on
earth.  Best in a moral sense, that is.  Famous for poetry
that make one shiver in delight and philosophical convulsions. 
People know him for being the man who does many wonderful things.

        He projects large waves of love to whatever group of
people he is in.  That is his secret of success.  All the
guardian angels of the earth want him around 
their great charges. 

        Emoting love as a word, as a feeling, the word continuing
the feeling, the symbols become aim.  The need to see what
the force that created what constitution we are in. 

        He will subtract all events away from himself every day
and live in Possibility.  He will subtract all events and
live in the endless possibilities of life. 


Beaming Love

        Discovered, a type of spiritual exercise that is of very
solid importance....

        A very simple is the exercise of when one
is out in public, of saying a prayer for everyone 
in the immediate area, combined with visualizing and feeling 
a beam of love extending from you to them. 

        Feeling these strong beams from God, these strong beams
of love from you towards others, in the crowd.  When we
emanate a feeling of love towards others, towards an area
of need, we see instantly the intrinsic meaning of the
universe at play. 

Creative Virtue

Robert Pearson Poetry and Prose