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Exorcists Anonymous by R.S. Pearson

Exorcists Anonymous by R.S. Pearson

Introductory Note.

This is my most religious collection of poetry.

My allegiance lies with the individuals who suffer the pain of becoming one with the Message, who do not just talk about messages.

What I've written in the following is how the force of virtue plays out in one set of scenarios. It is how someone like Kurt Cobain could have found his soul and avoided the delusions he fell under. I myself helped build the "Seattle Scene" from 82 to 1988, and even congradulated Kurt after one of his first Seattle gigs. He was so overjoyed that he grabbed one of the other members of his band and had me tell them. But that force that knocked Kurt out for good, also had me going for a while. I had been strongly interested in religion and spirituality since a teen, but luckily art was after my soul as well. The "art force" that Kurt fell under is obviously a pretty vicious thing at times. The god and goddess of this force are alcohol and drugs. The ministers are all those people who really don't give a crap about you -- the same happened to me on my level before Grunge ever got big and took off.

A very spiritual form of Christianity found me out and gave me direction.

What people may not understand is that "Christianity" plays on different levels. You can see what I write in the following as one big use of symbols. Sometimes it works that way for me. What I call "Satan" or "demons" can be seen as psychoanalytical or could be a another realm of life beyond ours -- the very same force of corruption that inhabits many human beings, such as one reads about in elites or at times of war. All world's cultures and religions have an view of the demonic, or evil spirits.

My view of the matter is a combination of both psychology and religion.

The aim is to stay who you are, to stay enchanted by the muses but to make it a constant experience in your soul, not in your body with alcohol and drugs.

I realize that some of Excorcists Anonymous might read like a Fundamentalist Christian sermon. One has to see far beyond all the trendy aetheists of today, especially all the young "nerds and geeks," if you will, with their smug hatred of God and faith, and in reality their hatred of compassion and gentleness. I don't see the young hip aetheist, even ones in the arts, as that much different than the crude and uncultured corporate warrior. But I don't make "accounts" of people, I don't think I'm any kind of final judge, and it doesn't make me bitter, but I'm sure many people will understand what I'm talking about. To sum it up, I think the future can be different than the 20th Century. The 20th Century was way too dark in art, and in life, and, eventually, it should be little wonder what caused what. I just hope it doesn't dawn on you too late before most of your life is over.

What people may not understand is that Christianity works on different levels. It is wise to remember that almost all world cultures and major religions described beings called demons.

This somewhat simple poetry was written to help in the various stages of sincere religious repentance, when one is truly gone of the pride of the self and is resting on God. So, with that, I bring you, Exorcists Anonymous.


if the thief comes only to
and destroy
then we must trace
what it was he stole
and give the police a list of what's missing

Did you know
he steals the ability
to make others even like us at all?

He can take away everything pleasant from us
and he makes us without someone 
who looks up to us
Who looks up to you these days?
sort of like the  way athletes look up to each other

can we be a stable person without 
the thief
throwing the relationship a curveball?

I know what kind of person
I'm trying to talk about: someone like me
someone who is always fighting a thief

faith is a shield against such theft

how much is stolen and not able to be given back?
and how much is destroyed?

to be healed:
is it leaving the others around me 
to their own abilities?

will I every come back to them?
or is it the deceitfulness of riches that enters into me 
and when I attain on the path of riches
I say, "I'm healed from my oppression!"

It's so good to keep our eyes open
we might live in such a different world
with me always saying that your world is better
because mine has been
robbed, killed and destroyed
a bunch

but what about Jesus Christ and Him on the cross
What he is doing is so right on
and it is so good to count our blessing
because He led captivity captive
and gave gifts to men


there need be no cosmic cycles
nor cheapening occult rudiments

there is a big cycle
which is
the work of God
the power of God to keep me

and almost every time I see it
I see it wrong
I had so much time
to do things my way
a way which got me poverty and

the Lord's hand
in keeping me
and retrieving me
this is the big cycle
that is in life
the cycle of sins and restoration
and at times it is
not seen even as
white and black in any areas


I will survive
all the attacks
Satan does give
to work with Him
who is the All
who is my Savior
who loves me though
Satan corrupts this world
I am one
who has experienced
being placed in a better
a place of friendship
a place of good food
so I have warmth
in cold winters
and I have comfort
when I am too tired to walk

yet I feel I'm always walking
and I must march on
to march as a victor
of a battle I'm forced into
of a battle that is won
and I must follow
all my friends' ways
I must strive on
to keep in the light
as they are in the light
I must tell the weak
that I'll buy them a cup of coffee
if they'll let me tell them
what Jesus did for me
because I was raised
from the dead
and that He was the one
doing the lifting
because I was taught
and I was fed
and my own ways
aren't so right anymore

telling them I am no longer
a critic of people
my tongue does no harm
but by Jesus my Savior
each one has been given
a certain charm


there are a lot of
people who have nothing
like the ones who are fresh out of prison
and sometimes we should try to see things
more like them

men of so much disappointment
broken to be made
more right with God
and this is a gain
which is so hard to feel in the soul
since it was the soul, the desire
which was broken

God can plan our steps to break us so
making us what we are for our betterment 
thus His own Glory
which shades life with pleasure


I happily do not notice
anything wrong with my walk with God
because it is a fact
I am warped and sinning
I do not do what I want
I have not yet attained
I am not yet perfected

and I have these recognitions

it is an act of the Holy Spirit
these acts of recognition
I am joyful to claim them


I've been dead beyond discussion
I've been the demoniac in the cave
In searching it became percussive
and now half-alive I know I'm saved

I sometimes laugh
at the way men are
so out of tune with God
I wish confession were
so much more apparent among us
to make a man stand
on the foundation of promises of God
in Jesus
towards the promise that
He will make their heart pure toward Him!


Brave men
inherit promises
for God is loving them
as they confess His love
as they love Him

Weak men
run in doubt
and God never loves them
so they believe
and they could even hear
God tell them
that He doesn't love them

for they fail to see
the love He gives them

and they cry out:
"Why do you love others more than me?"

Brave men owe their fortune to God
and when they are poor they owe
that to themselves
because they live in a brave world
(where God loves all men
and God is not to be blamed)

In a brave man's heart
he knows that God is love
and that God wants us to do good
a good God saved them in their weakness
and the brave man strives to save the weak

The Kingdom of God is not for men
who gloat and say "God, do you love me?"
hundreds of times on end
it is for those who take
God's love for granted


I am going to manifest a lot more pain
and it is the equivalent of shipwrecks, 
imprisonment, stonings,
and beatings
why do I go through it?
because I, too, believe
just because I, too, believe
not because of my height nor weight
nor whether or not I have a moustache
I go through pains
just when I resist and believe

I am going to go through much more pain
just because Satan thinks
that if the illusion is shown...
if God is shown as not protecting me
then I may leave this victory my faith produces

so Satan employs demons to torment
but slowly I accept
more pains
for more dignity 
as a creature of God


I've got to rely
on the goodness of others
like my sisters and my brothers
let it be a support
for all good things


I was a guy,  when:
it made
me jealous, it made
me mad
and I had to figure it out
to see something
it was....
God has His hand on everyone the same
and it was me
who never had it easy
it was ME who got something
I always thought someone else would get:
(as far as America knows poverty --
I was the underprivileged that is)

and I had to figure it out as:

And where is my God of Love
just (semi-)oblivious
in His cause and effect
because He knows
He set up a cause and effect
which is bound to bless me
He knows well that he gave me
a hundred blessing that a humble
man would rejoice in


The things in our life are like some T.V.
evangelism show's testimony time
each good thing the Lord has done for us
could be shown with beautiful
music in the background

We have been rooted by the Father
and watered by the Spirit
instructed by the Word
and traded places with the Son

those that are thankful
are the  blessed
and those that complain
do not get so blessed

just like this was all on T.V.
to show more good things
the Lord has done


examine the beautiful word: believe

a true believer
remembers moments with Jesus
remembers what God told 'em
and a dumb true believer keeps on
asking God the same thing
in several different ways
on several different days

a spiritually dumb one
can't seem to ask God if He really loves them
too many times

to go beyond feelings
in a period
of self-examination
to ask ourself,
Do I really believe a God could love me?
Do I really believe my sins could be forgiven?


one of the biggest efforts
to obtaining a life in which
the salvation of the Lord
can shine through
is the effort of truly understanding
the Lord for His decision
to allow evil to continue its course

we will live in a world
without the suffering from demons
no one wanting to torment us
and life won't be the same


Losing to Satan has one outcome
but so many looks
a format of God being wrathful to you
in your life
is losing to Satan

losing to Satan takes you away from the hope that purifies
the hope of I John 3: 2, 3
(when He is revealed
we shall be like Him
for we shall see Him as He is
and every one who has this hope in Him
purifies himself just as He is pure)

to Satan, God is only the wrathful God
a pathetically misunderstanding God

losing to Satan has its many forms
it has the form of disbelief in God as omniscient
it has the form of never being able
to totally wear His righteousness
because we are this or that


the world can change the world
through prayer in Jesus name

Each one of us
has the option
to use the power of prayer
in our lives
with the power
of God

this is the strongest way God allows change

God doesn't go about
praying and answering prayers
He relies on us

as the world lies dormant
as it waits to change itself
by prayer in the name of Jesus


they can make signs and wonders
to make us think a lie is true
they are demons
and it's said all their future is through
they will show deceptions
to say God is not true
they are demons
and it is said all their future is through

I can get every
name, rank, and serial number
of the demons
but let's look at the last six thousand years
and bless His Holy Name for this help

that raised men
a foot above water
and put peace between me and men
He must be remembered as doing that

let us transform
the world of men

thank You, Lord
for your great part
in giving such words of peace
and having such great faith
you are uplifting
and generous
for giving us, for real
yes, brethren, for real
giving us for real
sonships of God

not like myself
when in other religions
but on me now
(after my earthly father's last name)
you impute the last name:  God


thank you for that answer
your part in the dialogue
such it is:
a dialogue with a voice which so outshines
the other voice in splendor
showing expensive answers
tells the dignity of the other voice
to come alive
and soon
both are God
the Trinity becomes a Quartet

and to have this
lopsided dialogue
has been your ambition
throughout all time

let us transform the world
of men!
let's look
at what God has done
in the world's history

He saved millions upon millions
and made them virtuous creatures.
who longed for a land where your law is upheld
by this hope He washed them

faithlessness is not expecting good things to happen
I desire the earth to smile more
and revolution to be declared from Satan
so others can expect the earth to smile more
and God's angels to storm in
and give us the food of the change that takes place
in the twinkling of an eye


The ladder of sins
which Satan accuses us of
all types he says are our own
ones that we haven't even committed
lie very decrepit at out feet

because his sinister words harm us with visions
we must gain freedom from this all together as one

and I don't care which sins are yours

His sinister words accuse us of worse
than the allegiance
with our Heavenly Father
prevented us from committing

It is not over,
vicious beast,
for those like me you've accused!
for those like me
who do have sins
you've seduced us into committing.
nothing is over!
for God has not given you
the power to destroy us!
The Gospel's harsh words
were not meant for us!
We who are repentant over
and over again
for things we've done

They are meant for you,
for you!

Let us just see it
The words of eternal torment were meant for you!
Lord of the vicious dogs of a cruel owner!

Your demons are like the dogs of an ill-bred man
who bark even in fear of children.

I am closing in on it
that voice that is not God
and I am coming closer to heaven
when I know Him not just in name
but in voice

I like how You really care,
You take me for better or for worse
sowed a little to the spirit
and you  will never let go what I gave
this is a special victory

and I have patience
love waiting
love trusting
love yielding
and love expecting for
good fruits to be there
handled by many
and that the plants are strong
and take root
in trouble's ground


In this war
our dignity is forever at stake
I am presently losing
I should be giving light and life
like never before

In this war
I have been given all chances
which look like a book of passes
that forgave me when I fell short

It is a war in which
when losing
I become in my mind like the enemy
a fornicator,
enemy of man,
ponderer of all things evil as myself!
and this image is their victory

My victory must be in becoming an opposite image
I become nothing like them
righteousness becomes others' memory of me
good works He prepared for me surround me
I am an outspoken advocate of the poor

In this war
I am to sow dignity to others
to quench suicidal mail from reaching their mailboxes
to pray and destroy
strongholds of a covetous producing system
I am armed
dangerous to them
my weapon is the prayer of faith

I give direction
to the mighty arm of God

In this war
I must understand
both life's pain and promise
and clearly break away from
the way materialism soothes me
I must gain dignity from my poverty
seeking myriads of cousins of this light
this is my prayer: that I find them
and I must gain a place of dignity
to call myself something more
than a small rank of power

In this war
I must allow God to continue to break me
For I was raised in the comforts of society
and I am broken all the way down to skid row
with my sin fixes of the past to haunt me

yet He has a purpose for my lack of past satisfactions
He never wanted another one to just be a success
because there are millions and millions of successes

In this war
the pain of failure to God is so great
yet somehow He keeps telling me
that I haven't failed Him
that I am like a weapon He knows how to use!
and I become useless when I think I lose
(when Satan says
"Look at  you so far from the will of God!")

In this war
it is the lack of confession
that we are in the will of God
which is sometimes loss

We shall bathe
in His plenty
as we ask Him
for His best
in this war


confession that
the ambiance of nature
takesit over
the breeze
the leaves
the animals
the turning of day into night
a part of the regeneration
of God's Holy Spirit
I feel in my life

I believe You can reconcile
my heart to you
for all time
a miracle by You
then all will be all cool
since I asked this of You
Why would you say no
If I asked You
to erase the part of me
that won't be at peace with You?

and if God is true
then look at all of you
who won't reconcile their hearts to the true
as they have their offenses
as well as their inabilities
to be at Peace with Him

You'd all better think
"If God be true
then I'll need some work
to reconcile my heart too"


what is coming to me but
a deed of heaven
my Eternal Place
a reward
is written in the Word of God
the Bread of Life
a promise
for those who have once trusted Him
God is faithful
to bring back death to life
I believe for promises
I would have never reached
without the fellowship of saints

what is coming back to me but a deed
a title, some legal oath is saying I received glory

somehow it all added up
the kindness I showed to a stranger echoes
the faith that I have in Jesus
His Blood washed me in swallowed years
and now His Blood is back upon me
washing me
giving me a dignity again

I see those
without dignity
in jails, homeless, in group homes,
in halfway houses
and I do not deny
that I could be so much more like them
and maybe you are one of them
you need Jesus
to prevent you from doing wrong
from getting angry at your parents
from shooting heroin in your veins
from going into adult book shops
and what you have been in God
have faith that you will be that again
if you were a child and trusted Him
He has called you since then
and if you say
"I once believed and now I couldn't do that"
realize it is to your benefit
that you once did
and think of all the ways you could be humbled


God is a reality
existing entirely
in His own reality

God is existing
entirely fully
in His own reality

God is entirely
existing fully
in His own reality

God is a reality
fully existing entirely
in His own reality


the most complex
of all structures
in the interaction
of the bible and my life

where sin abounded
grace abounded much more

I allow the fact
the fact
that God is absorbed in my life
that He dedicates His time to it


a crescendo
an increase in decibels
the symbol: <
the symbol of Christian existence
starting as an mere point
we have such little memory of that scope
going up and out
tribulation, perseverance, character and hope
the good fish taken
the bad fish thrown back
we came to follow
we walk with oil
we got on the elevator
He washed off some soil
or so it seems
at least we try
and stay praying
and open to comfort
those miserable failures
like ourselves
yet in it all the Word
depicts our lives as
a frameless crescendo
an increase in decibels
the symbol: <
leading off into some
other point in eternity
not some spiritualist universalism
but a Renaissance splendor


felt the warmth
looked for the sun
saw that it was hope
that spread gold rays


sustain my appreciation
so I could have lofty thoughts
when you draw near to me
after I draw near to you
smash demons constantly
give me the riches of man
never let me grow corrupt
in the isolation from the lowly wealth brings
bind all judgement from my soul
forever let me be free

take away my wicked laughs
that once caused me comfort
show me my pridefulness
the instance it appears
let me know the customs of grace
that will surround us all in heaven

Don't let me be taken by
the same ignorance, please

when you draw near to me
after I draw near to you
smash demons constantly

who is eating the food that you give?
to be honest I see
many millions, even billions
since Jesus's death
I am comforted in this multitude
a sprinkling of maturity in this understanding


I can really see You
sometimes secret
how you work omniscient
while I live
in inomniscinece
my plea for a new heart
and new mind
new blood
my hunger for
some frost
some morning dew
some moonlight
some energy in me
I just ask
if You can hear me
then give me something else

and I brave this
as not selfishness
God was reconciling the world to Himself
in Christ
and I accept Christ
as the one who suffers
for the disharmonius things I've done
yet offers me things I want
so I'm not selfish
on my way to being content


Give me ears to hear
and eyes to see

You and to use them
the work done in me
and the work done for
those around me
let me be remade
fit into me
so I can be
using a part of You
to be

let me be
remade by You
fit into me
so I can be
using You
to see


I exist
somehow sinless
on a conveyor belt
I'm entering
a chamber displaying His perfection

wholesomeness whiter than snow
God says he can miraculous restore
and I know that we shall attain
if we search with all our heart
the burden that is light
a pureness conquering with its might
all things to the pure are pure in sight
God keeps on whispering this
and God is right

On the third day
Christ rose from the dead
and equal to this  I have the miracle of my soul being cleansed
On the third day
Christ rose from nonİmotion
after  years of living I rose from my sinfulness
on the third day
after His heart stopped beating
Christ rose full of blood flowing
and equal to this I have the miracle
of my soul being cleansed
after I have said
every foul thing there is to say
I can still live in purity
and the power that is power
which wants me pure
is talking at me every day
and it has disturbed all my plans to escape
and half believing in it
I yet see it has taken me hostage


mercy is all large
it spreads its coat over anything
when loved by mercy
mercy shows itself to be enormous
more thoughtful for our feelings
than we ever dreamed

God is love
and like some kind of perfection
Jesus is floating all around me
and like some kind of innocence
He wants me to please Him by faith
faith in the rarified things
like love, hope and duty
like some kind of nobility
in the making
and you must accept
the borders of the nobility

what do you think about the handicapped?
that isn't good enough!
that isn't good enough to make them feel good
about themselves
that isn't insight enough to relate
to them like you would your family and friends

God made chocolate milk and puppy love
and that about sums it up;
that is the kind of God I've been trying to fathom!


plans 	---            that I have
to       --	-              you, you only
prosper  ---               you night and day
you       ---              my little loved one
and     ---                you are allowed to live in prosperity
not         ---            in the weakness but in power
to       ---               you who I will uplift
harm  ---                  not I you over
you      ---               who I hold in my heart
plans    ---               that will make you the child
to        ---              give the child in you hope
give     ---               to you your love for all men
you      ---               who are to become more like me
a     ---                  child born in this fallen world
hope   ---                 for all your days to be in heaven
and       ---              for a joyous relationship with Jesus
a           ----           way I prepared to have His righteousness
future     ---             forever, In the name of Jesus Amen

Jeremiah  29:11 


An Exorcism for Occultists:

I knew that this keyhole
opened many wondrous miraculous powers
for man's unleashing his full potential
as we can compare
some to butterflies
some of us to caterpillars even;
but I didn't realize
the agent of the power
was God's Hand


me of faith
believing in my life
awakening, confessing
promising, uplifting
recognizing He loves me
showing off
a good opinion of God
zenith of what I've known

"Me of faith
believing each promise
that I gave
destroying what Satan did
by an addition of days"

showing off
a good opinion of God
calming down
seeking a proper perspective
filling the needs I've found


You seem to take
the mornings of men
and make such tears
more precious than diamonds

hearts that are of soft wax
by your heat, Lord
kept soft
by your heat, Jesus

everywhere it must be shown
God on a cross
the Creator on a cross
all around I want it to be known
the wounds in His hands
the torn, bloody feet!

I want to love God's heart
by each day which dies by
I want to wait
I want to say that
I really don't understand Him at all
His meaning overflows
all that I can withhold
But take me back
to days when that was a sin?


as in my old friend  Adam all died
I was a measure of him to the brim
(my old friend Adam
suspended in the consciousness
from earliest days
hearing the Bible story
secluded memories of hearing about Adam)
and in my eternal cousin Jesus
(Jesus looking like a cousin
who I used to see clearly
tho it was four or five time a year)
He has this therapy He will work on me
it can not be accomplished while I live
this is a fact I recall is scriptural
we won't all sleep
to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord
and as He is so shall we be
every who has this hope in Him purifies himself just as He is pure


just see Christ on a cross
and let the spirit of reality take over
just see Christ on a cross
and let God's sacrifice bear fruit
just see Christ on a cross
and realize Satan is defeated
that no hard words of your own can defeat you
that no mindset of yours can ever finally beat you
just see Christ on a cross

and see Christ on the cross take
all hell's worst for you

all Hell's worst for you is now His to deal with
when I use to see Christ every day in Catholic school
I use to feel my best and Jesus was always my friend
and I felt so secure
but now He can seem far away

because in one dimension of all time
He has been up there on the cross

You can have your illusions
your Disgruntled King
but Jesus was my Jesus when He was on the cross
no other power touching my heart
but the necessary slaughter of the Lamb of God
and we were taught to teach Christ crucified


Care  I can feel it coming
Care  and I am living
Care  running from dying
Care  like never before

Gently   running from dying
Gently   like never before
Gently   let me write it all out
Gently   or I lose the  grip

Slowing down from running from dying
I see the abyss open up
this life's miseries open up
as men struggle between their theories

I guess it comes from walking
my own way
this presence of death I feel
in my body
let your energies burst out
and heal!

I put my eggs in one basket
Easter eggs of childhood ascents
hoping to keep them all my life
and have them shade my life in glory
I find that I've almost lost
the whole basket
I now offer them to God
and now I stumble upon them
He hides them one at a time
at places where I can find them

Patience  death is swallowed up iin life
Patience  I can write it all out
Patience  good health will break forth
Patience  all things will be mine in Christ


Is there a world of difference
between those
who are poor in spirit
and those who seek to be
rich in flesh?

Being poor in Spirit
doesn't seem that hard
perhaps Jesus meant this
as His light yoke

and being rich in flesh
is probably more difficult
unless you've gone hard
water being dried up

because your assets
in the flesh
keep coming back
paying interest
yet no one
is found having
their own righteousness
in Christ;

no poor-in-spirit Christian
is looking down at those
rich in flesh


Dear Heavenly Father
Please deliver me
my soul cries out in pain
Won't you have mercy on me?
Don't you have mercy on me?

I see the cars go by on the highway
In them I think many more happy
than me
But I realize
They are the people of problems also

Some have rapists in their family
Some have sons with cerebral palsy
some will soon enter mental hospitals

I thank you for the Holy Ghost
He will give me the power to go on

Help me be happy
and collect the things I need
while collecting the days
and the battle that swallows them all


to love God
is to
at least
trust Him

to trust Him
to wash away
all condemnation
from us


Excorcism of my Fluffy God
from my head
Out! -- Fluffy God!
turn God a different color
screaming love for prisoners
horizons chill in ecstasy for foriegnors
outrageous days ahead

give the poor days
that are like a millions years a piece!


I went through life
at very high altitudes
putting me in patterns
I now feel as embarrassments

but I could be happier
God will hear this prayer
that I want again to breathe the thin air
but the air of His spirit
leading me to a higher place
for Eternity

Christ let me have mercy again
let me know what it is to be me
take away this anger and envy
(which is also overİinquisitiveness)
I feel when I look into the eyes of strangers

Let me know what you think of prosperity
let me realize I have a career Keep me on the word
not to let it depart from my eyes
keep your commandments in the midst
of my heart

You've told me to share what You've done
Share the testimony of Jesus with a soul
Its great to ask you
"Lord, use me today, to bring light
into the world."

Maybe why I don't feel so strong now
is that I am not bringing enough light
into it
light into the world
by way of my soul
such an activity brings such repaying!

So, I ask you to bring me
to the light as I seek to bring it
into the world
let the secret springtime
the springtime of people's spirit, ferment!

through the summer, fall, winter of our spirituality
non-coincidental with the weather's four seasons
wash our souls with a springtime
which keeps our hearts and minds in Jesus

Surround us in love so deep
that the demons won't be able to loosen it
to make us appear as an adversary
when they attempt to have us
wrestle with flesh and blood


I dream about being with people
like you
like a kind butler
a kind old gentlemen
pleasant people with pleasant words
never returning my anger
I dream yet I live in it
with only You to hold

with God all things are possible
such as Omniscience watching over facets of our life
watching and directing us as soldiers of goodness
answering prayers that took us five seconds to pray
storing good things for our future
making us the respect of men
giving us peace
giving us more peace than money could ever buy
making us worthy of His calling
transforming our minds from glory to glory
making us to not even have to worry about our spirituality
making us not even to have to worry about our spirituality


the ultimate visions appear
as you explain eternal life so clear

and as these words I see
How much they depend on prayer
all I want is fruit of the spirit
and how it all depends on You
on You to answer my prayers

The Blood of Jesus
forever unites me with His Soul!
this is one transport to Eternal life

desolation and shame became
they  cover the land of my time

but as one
devotes the day
to You
a new righteousness
(like the noon day sun)
is theirs!

a therapy so inexpensive

a heresy that we
sometimes don't see
is that it says in the Word
"Ye" are the salt
"Ye" are the light

Love is growing up
all around me
love is, love is
authored by God


problems getting solved
checking off
on a chart
a chart of
once impossible goals

the union of power of
God and man
through Christianity
the synergy of sweetness
day dream afternoon tea

problems in our lives
solving, solving
disappearing, disappearing
awaken my mind
take out my eye's beam
and rejoice in changes
already made in others


a mother's face
in movement sometimes
a father's face
shifting in a loving haste
conglamorate -- it is God's face
a care
a love
lasting touches
His heart eternally
deposited in faithfulness


to see human scenarios with just a little less sin
is to comprehend a world of beauty

Creative Virtue

Robert Pearson Poetry and Prose