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"Happy are they that keep in their memory the words of Virgil or Christ: for these words shall shed light on men's days."
Jorge Luis Borges

About three years ago, around 2009, someone actually stole my Christian Modern Art site, created a domain for it, and put a quote by Nietzsche on it! Can you believe it? Nietszche did more to hinder the cause of Christ probably than any other philosopher, at least that is what most believe and has been my opinion as well. They actually copied my site verbatim, and did not give me any credit. This is why I let this site slip. But as of May 2013, I am back on it, and will continue to moderate or "curate" this site. Sincerely, Robert Pearson.

Note as of August 2013: I see now they have a Martin Luther King quote on it. I have been too busy to do work on this site, so, if they are really in the spirit of Christ, I can let them have it.

I forgive the person who stole the site and claimed it as their own, but I think it's important that Christians do not act that way. There is too much fear and lack of communication. The person could have at least thanked me, but instead, like is so common, they did not love their neighbor as themselves. I forgive them. Hopefully, they won't put any more Nietzsche quotes up.

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New Sites:

White Stone Gallery Contemporary originals and signed limited editions from many different modern Christian artists.

Jennifer Kathleen Phillips' . Interesting computer-graphic fine arts, as well as animations in the "Wisdom" section and other expressions of the artist.

CCO Prints I usually don't add overtly commercial sites, but these prints have an interesting edge to them.

Christians in the Visual Arts. Has many artists.

Kate Austin has a gallery called Christ Art. Somewhat in a primative style at times, othertimes more realistically painted.

The artist was or still is in a combat zone in Iraq. Keep him in prayer.

Paintings by contemporary artist Mark Lawrence -- Abstract art inspired by bible verses.

Jeffrey Baker -- Interesting painting style making use of different panes and bright colors.

Sackcloth Gallery -- Karen Howard -- Wonderful hand carved figurative compositions that are magical and executed precisely.

Father Hugh Witzmann -- Bronze SculptorSee the Sacred Sites section.

JOHN AUGUST SWANSON makes his home in Los Angeles, California, where he was born in 1938. He paints in oil, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, and is an independent printmaker of limited edition serigraphs, lithographs and etchings.

Cornelis Monsma -- many have an abstract expressionist style.

Curtis Graphics -- Not really thematic or overtly Christian, they do abstract stain glass and other mediums, aiming to bring one to a feeling of the holy.

EMILIA CLEOPAS -- Very original and striking work. Stimulating and interesting text on website.

Find here: The Freedom Project ("Monumental Paintings of the 66 Books of the Canonized Bible.") and Web Site of Artist Jeff LeFever

Yvonne Bell's Website Church vestments, icons and modern Christian art.

In His Image -- Christian Sculptures -- Excellent online gallery of high detail figurative works.

Art for God You have to click on the "Catalog" section to find anything that resembles Christian themes.

Bergel Art/Media.

Ongoing Collection