Conversation between Writer/Composer R.S. Pearson and Poet/Activist Billy Lamont

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I really am not that good at doing interviews. In this one, somehow I managed to say something which I did not even really believe at the time, and in listening back, I see that I was referring to alcohol not drugs. I have a humble attitude about what God does with other people, but I do take the general view that recreational or "spiritual" drug use isn't a good idea. In the interview, in my mind, I was saying that "Some people can drink alcohol and it doesn't seem to hurt them" but in the context it sounded like I was saying, "Some people can use drugs and it doesn't seem to hurt them." At the time of this interview, my book on "Hallucinations in Religious Practice" had an anti-drug stance, and in it I even quoted in the bibliography the British study saying marijuana could cause schizophrenic-like symptoms in people. This of course would make my stance unpopular with a lot of modern people. I am an amateur herbalist, by the way, and so I am into herbs, just not marijuana.

Another unclean bit in this interview is when I was talking about spiritual people, and how they are not in one denomination. I sound a little "New Agey" in saying that "they could be Buddhist." I actually am pretty much similar to most Christians in that I think Jesus is the way to get to heaven. It may be by His example in some people, which is what the Boddhisattva vow in Buddhism is supposedly about, giving up one's own good so that others can benefit But I do not think Eastern philosophy or religion is on the same level of Christianity. I look at Christianity as the most "revealed" religion by God. I'm sure Dali, Messiaen, Stravinsky, and many other popular modern artists who were Christians also believed that. But of course it makes people very unpopular with liberals if you say it. I'm a moderate, so that's why it might seem to people that I'm a liberal with my focus on environmentalism, alternative energy, the arts, nutritional activism and so on, but I don't share the views of the average liberal.

I believe what I said about spiritual people possibly being Buddhist isn't against scriptures, as the Word says, "Do not be deceived, He who practices righteousness is righteous. " But I don't "major in the minors" -- that is, I don't think unwise questions. A Buddhist person could do a spiritual act, but I think we've seen in the West, as the many of the wealthy are more "New Age" and into Eastern philosophy, that the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. The influence of real Christianity is what I believe caused the evolution of the Middle Class, and many other positive qualities in life.

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