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NEWS November 2022: New Robert Scott Pearson Poetry book, Calendar of Forgiveness, Now Released!

Listen to R.S. Pearson and Poet/Activist Billy Lamont discuss spiritual revival via Isaiah 58

NEWS: Robert Scott Pearson Sampler Album on French Label Serendip Released


This links to the home page for a discussion on Virtuism, which is an aesthetic theory developed by R.S. Pearson. It states that acts of virtue produce the aesthetic experience. That is, when you see someone doing something especially beneficial for someone, inside you feel something that is like when you're in a great museum, and see a great work of art. Linking these two ideas together in various implications is the motivation behind this artistic and philosophical theory.

Beautific, Non-indentified and Entranced -- R.S. Pearson's Prose and Poetry

Here is Creative Virtue's Prose and Poetry collection.

Biodegradable Technology

Other works we support are those surrounding Biodegradable Technology. They describe that very possibly in the future we will develop a technology from the fusion of electronics, plant genetics, and other sciences which will be totally advanced technologically but which will be very good for the earth, providing fresh air in the process.

Para-Literature -- The Exhaustion of the Interactions of Words

The Exhaustion of the Interactions of Words. If we exhausted, in meaningful ways, the interactions the words of our dictionary, would we come up with every idea possible for us? A collection of writings on the theory of the meaningful exhaustion of the interactions of words. This is the theory by R.S. Pearson that is behind the ParaMind brainstorming program.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software

ParaMind Brainstorming Software
ParaMind is a Windows and Mac program that is great for developing new logical ideas that we might not have found otherwise. ParaMind is a fun and useful program. It was built by working with the idea of getting every idea possible by the "exhaustion of the interaction of words."

Support the innovative work on this site by buying a Registered Copy of ParaMind Brainstorming Software. ParaMind is owned by R.S. Pearson, the author of all the works on this site.

Computer-Generated Writing.

We also include computer-generated texts, a recent art form among our texts. Find here such works as "Rubber Blue Biodegradable Robot."

Symmetry Therapy

Symmetry Therapy is a simple Mind-Body theory and set of techniques technique that can help improve balance, coordination, and release muscle tension.

Making Innovative Charts: Spirituality-Focused Version

Charts are a way of checking or improving our "thought inventory." They can also help us stay on task and help us achieve our goals.


R.S. Pearson, the founder of Creative Virtue Press (the name of his publishing house until 2005), is a writer/composer influenced by studies of modern art movements, philosophy and spirituality. He is the creator of the popular ParaMind Brainstorming Program and the Virtuism art theories. He is also known as a composer of exciting and unique electronic music.

Since the early 2000's, he has worked in his spare time on helping the homeless and those concerned about them understand ways to actually help these people. This work, together with his three books related to mental illness experienced by some in spiritual practice, makes another contribution to the work being done today.

Like the idea of the idea of getting every idea possible by the "exhaustion of the interaction of words" utilized by his ParaMind Brainstorming Software program, to many helping homeless people now seems impossible. R.S. Pearson has had personal interchanges with over 1500 homeless people since around 2004, the year he created his "How the Homeless Can Get a Home" four page hand-out. He handed out these sheets, sometimes stapled together with blank paper and given out with new pens, while talking to them about his own experiences. Pearson was a member of the "Grunge" rock inner circle in Seattle, being a part of the formative energy with important musicians from 1983 to 1989, when he abandoned that life to recommit himself to Christ.

His three books on mental illness cater to a "resistant population" of people who do not seek mental health treatment. These books can be found at the Telical Books website. Besides personal responsibility and understanding the need for sobriety, he saw that people with some resources need to set up small work experiences with homeless people and treat each one of them as someone who has a vision. Billions of dollars now has been funneled into the "homelessness industry" with very little result. We have to give homeless people the opportunity to create value in their lives. Modern society in its crippled secular methods creates people that cannot "spare the power" to allow others less than them to work. Like the psychologist Jung said, it takes a spiritual experience to overcome addiction, yet sadly 12 Step groups have made much less of an impact than the churches did before them. In fact, whole towns used to achieve a spiritual renovation where everyone in the town was cared for.

R.S. Pearson's main concern as a composer, author, and thinker is to bring the listener or reader to a state of regenerative beauty.

An old R.S. Pearson press release and some photos.

R.S. Pearson News Items: Click here for the new music site or here for the older R.S. Pearson music page.

See the new Telical Books website here for all the books by R.S. Pearson

R.S. Pearson is mentioned by name in the song the poet Billy Lamont mentions in the following:

"I would like to SPOTLIGHT a tremendous Writer, Thinker, Musician, Poet R. S. Pearson. My poem/song 'self interview/self portrait (a post modern dada)'a collaboration with Blackhouse is dedicated to him. His writings and spiritual insight is like what Arthur Rimbaud would sound like if he spent a season in Heaven instead of A Season In Hell. Pure brilliance. His regenerative, innovative music and presence as well. Love you brother!
His website is:
love and life," [poet billy lamont]
R.S. Pearson's new poetry book

The Sun of Righteousness was recently honored by being the one of the first recent books to be given praise by both a Nun and a Rock Star!

"A M A Z I N G ..... inspired material, Robert. this is the message i keep hearing in the winds around the world." James Lowe, Vocalist for the Electric Prunes, who are known for the hit, "Too Much to Dream Last Night," as well as 1968's "Mass in F Minor" and "Release of an Oath," which can be said to the first major Christian/Jewish rock recordings.

"Thank you for sharing these powerful
poems with us, Bob! If you are the
author you have a real talent and you must make God
Sister Diane, Sisters of St. Clare Convent

Over the last three years, R.S. Pearson has been focusing some writing on attention building, including making charts with various goals in mind. He's been working on this new short book, and with some other new books, instead of merely selling copies, he's offering various versions for free.

Here is a R.S. Pearson article New Economy from Nineteen New Educational Principles
R.S. Pearson Interview done with Gabriel Morales
Hour long conversation between Billy Lamont and R.S. Pearson

Lionel Guego/Robert Pearson exhibit in Quintin, France June 2000

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